Sunday, May 4, 2008

BadArticle Article Rewriter

BadArticle Article Rewriter ( is a unique article rewriter which allows you to create two or more of the same article but with different synonyms and sentence structures. This helps your SEO go up dramatically as you can therefore have hundreds of “different” articles on the same topic which all have the same keywords. It is a brilliantly original idea and can save you hundreds of dollars paying people to rewrite your articles. It also means you can write using the same adjective all the time and the program will change it for you into intriguing words. Without spending any money, you could have tons of freshly exclusive content for people to read on your website!

We decided to try this cool program out and found it is as top notch as paying someone to rewrite it! It is a very easy tool to use and we think that this idea will be the way forward.

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So, how does this new program work? Well, there are three different levels of rewriting, depending how different you want your article to be and the computer changes the synonyms and sentences to make new content (i.e. simple becomes plain).

Bad Rewrite

This only changes the most changeable synonyms. This means that your article will still be very legible and mistakes made by the computer aren't common.

Worse Rewrite

This changes most synonyms and therefore your article. It is very hard to tell the articles originated from one article. The database for this is huge, so don't worry about too many of just one word. This however, is slightly more illegible than just replacing the easiest to substitute.

Worst Rewrite

This completely replaces sentences but keeps your keywords. Sometimes this means the sentence turns out illegible, but it is usually a safe and quick way to get new content. (You may want to check it first for 100% accuracy)

Well, now you know how it works and how you can create tons of articles quickly and easily, or just spice up an existing article! We tested it with great results, as you can clearly see by the sample underneath.

So, here's the first sentence of this article rewritten:

BadArticle Article Rewriter is an exceptional article rewriter which permits you to create two or more of the identical article but with varied synonyms and sentence arrangements.”

Although grammatically the sentence is not 100% correct, it still contains all the keywords and therefore boosts your SEO. In addition, if you wanted the new article to have top grammar, it will only take a second in Microsoft Word that integrated in the rewrite tool.

Personally, we decided that this is a very useful tool for bulk rewriting and content creation, but still found that we needed to correct some small errors. Therefore, for the versions of the future, maybe there will be a simple grammar checker just like in Microsoft Word.

Our final verdict on this program: Overuse it. It's the only free version of an article rewriter which we know of, plus it rewrites in less than 10 seconds! Why pay for hundreds of people's time when you have this powerful resource right in front of your very eyes!

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