Thursday, February 21, 2008


Decision 20 - listening

While the clickthrough and web-site outcome data can be used to second guess how well an e-newsletter is working, and what customers think of the company, there is no substitute for asking the question 'what do you think?', either face to face or through a structured survey, with recruitment of respondents through the e-newsletter or via a separate e-mail.

Internet 2010

Since e-newsletters can become a large element of how your brand is perceived, it is important to know what people really think. We can 'See that online brands such as and poll their audiences regularly to find this out. An indication of the health of an e-newsletter can be built up using a mixture of 'watching and asking'. The e-newsletter seems to be in good shape, judging by the 'watching and asking' metrics provided by Kanaiya Parekh, the commercial development manager at, who presented the following at the 2002 Marketing Week Conference on e-mail marketing:

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