Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Outline marketing plan for Asuk Creative Limited a B2B provider of Internet services continue...


The objectives are each built around the SMART criteria (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timed).

  • Increase market share. ASUK Creative Limited currently holds 2 per cent (200 servers) of the UK dedicated server market (approx immediately 10,000 dedicated servers). ASUK should plan to increase this steadily to 16.7 per cent after four years. Since the market share has risen from 0 to 2 per cent in one year without increased marketing, this is a realistic target.
  • Streamline ordering processes. The new web site called should incorporate online facilities for order processing, upgrades and support. The development of these features can continue over time but a fully featured site should be ready for launch.
  • Increase brand awareness/brand building. By launching a new site, ASUK can take advantage of a fresh start but still use all the advantages of an established company. A brand image of power and quality, yet competitive prices should be established through intensive marketing and excellent CRM. The company plans to have a powerful brand name within six months of launching the site.
  • Internet 2010
  • Create self-contained entity for possible initial public offering (IPO) or trade sale.
  • ASUK can aim for an IPO within three years, being sold either to a competitor or to a diversifying larger company. The sell value is currently £300,000. A target should be set to have this at £1 5 million within three years.
  • Expansion into international markets. The launch of DediPower means that foreign clients will become more accessible. The improved site will have support for international sales.
  • Improve CRM and customer support. By improving these fundamentals, ASUK aims to sell additional products to its current clients. Currently, 25 per cent of clients have bought additional services, and the aim is to increase this to 55 per cent within a year.

Strategies by target markets

  • Current customers. By rebranding, enforce customer loyalty and improve service level. Also provide an easier product upgrade path. Better support and customer self-service should also be provided.
  • Domestic. Build brand as a high-quality service with lower-value pricing. Offer three core incentives to show confidence in the product: thirty-day money back guarantee, UK price matching initiative, no minimumcontract. ASUK will be the first company in the UK industry to offer all these incentives together in a genuine fashion.
  • International. Key strengths to marketing include sustainability and experience. The product will be positioned in the market as a high-end service, offering good performance for companies that have interests across Europe.

The marketing mix

  • Price. Although prices should be offered on a price match guarantee within the UK, they should be based around a product-line pricing strategy; that is, each customer can start with a basic product and build layers on top to create their custom product.
  • Product. The product is to be sold individually, but a discount should be offered for multiple sales and/or prepayment packages. Customer loyalty could be rewarded with additional free services.
  • Promotion. ASUK should base the promotion around an online marketing strategy, using online targeted banners and search engines, complemented by increased exposure on the major Web hosting guides. Publication to online and offline trade magazines of press releases and adverts will reinforce the respectability of the brand.

Evaluation and control

  • Monitor market share and company growth rate. Frequently obtain market share statistics. An estimate can be made by obtaining the total number of dedicated in the market segment and calculating the percentage of them that ASUK holds.
  • Occasional customer surveys to ensure support satisfaction is increasing. ASUK already has the facility to conduct customer surveys online. These should be conducted half-yearly to ensure that satisfaction objectives are met.
  • Demographic analysis of buyers and potential buyers. To determine whether ASUK is penetrating all potential markets sufficiently, customer account details should be collated and analysed to produce maps of customer distribution.

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