Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Telnet continue...

The Log On tab functions the same as for other services. You should be familiar with how services work on Windows Server before using this tab or the Recovery tab. For example, using the Log On tab, you can select the user account that the service is run under. The AUTHORITY \ LocalService account is typical for the Telnet service as well as many other services for Windows Server 2003. For Windows 2000 Server, the LocalSystem account is generally used for running services. At the bottom of the Log On tab, you can choose a hardware profile for which the service can be enabled or disabled. Select the particular hardware profile you want to modify and use the Enable or Disable button.

The Recovery tab, determines how the service will be restarted if the service fails for some reason.

The options available on the Recovery tab are:

The Restart Computer Options button enables you to specify the number of minutes after which the computer will restart, if you have chosen that option in the preceding fields. You can see that you can also enter a message to display to users on the network who are using the Telnet service to inform them that the service is either not available or being restarted, depending on the options you selected on the Recovery tab. Use the Restart Computer Options button on the Recovery tab to display this dialog box.

The last tab, Dependencies, is used to list the other services that must be running before the Telnet service can be started. If one of these services fails, for example, the Telnet service itself can fail. And if there is a problem in restarting one of these services after the computer reboots (if you chose that option), the Telnet service will not restart. In this case, you should check the Event Viewer to determine the reason that a service that Telnet depends on isn't restarting. If the Telnet service fails because a dependent service fails, you might consider using a script file to check for and restart dependent services.

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