Monday, November 19, 2007

Adding SQL Server Data,

When your ASP.NET application includes SQL Server database connectivity, you often will need to add records to the database through your ASP.NET pages. For example, you may track visitors as they visit your site. With each page they visit, you may want to add a hit record to your database. Or you may allow visitors to sign themselves up for a mailing list. In that case you would need to add their information to a database. This technique shows you how to add a record to an SQL Server database table.

Internet 2010

The ASP.NET page presented with this technique allows visitors to add an employee record to the SQL Server database. Visitors enter information into the provided TextBox controls and click the Button control to add the new record to the database.

Defined on the page are TextBox controls like this one used to enter the new information through:

id="txtLastName" runat="Server"

This Button control allows visitors to submit their request:

text=" OK "
onclick="SubmitEtn_Click" runat="server"

When that button is clicked, this procedure fires:

Sub SubmitBtn_Click(Sender As Object, E As EventArgs) To add a record, you will need a Connection object:

Dim DBConn as SQLConnection

and a Command object:

Dim DBAdd As New SQLCommand

The Connection object connects to the SQL Server database:

DBConn = New SQLConnection("server=localhost;" _
& "Initial Catalog=TT;" _
& "User Id=sa;" _
& "Password=yourpassword;")

Next, you place into the CommandText property of the Command object the SQL Insert statement that adds the new record:

DBAdd.CommandText = "Insert Into Employees (" _
& "LastName, FirstName, BirthDate, Salary, " _
& "EmailAddress) values (" _
& "'" & Replace(txtLastName.Text, "'", """) _
& "', "
* "'" Replace(txtFirstName.Text, "'", """)
* "'" Replace(txtBirthDate.Text, "'", """)
Replace- (txtSalary.Text, "'", """) & ", " _
& "'" & Replace(txtEmailAddress.Text, "'", """) _
& “.).

The Command object will connect to the database through the Connection object: DBAdd.Connection = DBConn

That connection is opened:


and the record is added to the database:


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